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The truth is that the life we live is the manifestation of His Kingdom, His Power and His Glory resident in our lives.

As we conclude this magnificent series, we see how heaven’s strategy invades earth through our lives, for his fame and sovereign purposes in Earth.

Lets make the realisation of this Prayer central to our lives:

Our Father, the heavenly origin of our lives, reveal Who You are!
We welcome Your Kingdom rule,
We make known Your throne-room realities in the earth!
Christ, You are our provision! Your words are our all-sufficiency in every situation! We’re forgiven! Let our lives and our love show others how forgiven they are too.
And bring us to a definitive conclusion about that which would draw us into a lesser life, on the contrary deliver us to Yourself and for Yourself from that which wants to inflict pain and inferiority on our lives!
Our lives are the manifestation of Your Kingdom, the expression of Your power and the incarnation of Your glory! Eternally it is done!