We make every opportunity of celebrating life together with great joy as the family of Doxa Deo Community Church. Celebrating God – his goodness and sovereignty – is both a reflection of His work in us as well as being a fundamental part in stewarding this risen life!

Here are a variety of events, each with a brief description that will help you as you read, to consider and pray about how we can serve and journey with you in your important Life Event.

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Scripture is clear to us that the Believers Baptism is both a command of Jesus and the responsibility of every follower in continuing the footsteps of Jesus and the resurrection life he gave.

At Doxa Deo we believe this is through immersion (dipping the whole body under water) as Jesus was only he did it in the river Jordan. We see the baptism of Jesus and the baptism of John as separate; John baptised for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 19:4) whilst Jesus baptism was to prophetically demonstrate the finished work of His death on the cross for the payment of sin and resurrection for which we recognise begins today with eternal life(Romans 6:3-11).

Believe and Go Public by being baptised!

Infant and Child Celebration

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Celebrating new life is extremely special for any parent and we love doing that with our own people. It is always our pleasure to bless, pray for, prophesy over and dedicate children to God. We recognise this decision by the parents is not one taken lightly and we long to remain faithful and committed to the children and families leading up to the Infant Celebration and beyond in later years. This is why we run events and courses for both families who are expecting as well as for those who already have children. Please get in touch if you would like to speak about hosting something similar for you children and to find out what is going on in our program for families in coming months.



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There are a number of good quality materials and courses available across the globe which have been developed by wise and experienced couples for the benefit of husbands and wives to-be. We are privileged to have journeyed already with a vast number of families and couples in the congregation and look to regularly host pre-marriage courses and seminars. Are you planning to get married soon? Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

Marriage and Staying Married


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We long to be a church community that prepares well, rather than reacting well. Marriage is delicate, at times complex, yet incredibly beautiful – so beautiful that Jesus likened it to his own relationship with the Church.
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If you favour celebrating any of these life events or would like to speak with a member of our Ministry Team to explore or discuss the opportunities further contact us:

"For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD,
As the waters cover the sea."

Habakkuk 2:14